MeliHitchcock_Illus_0003_ReunionThis was based off a mini story I constructed as I was painting this. Originally I had planned to produce a generic piece of a rampaging undead wizard, however, as I continued to render him, I decided to give a little narrative to his actions. Instead of him destroying simply on a whim, he did so out of vengeance for all the terrible things his family and he underwent. The story goes that he was a necromancer who had a loving relationship with a lady in a nearby village. For the most part, people left the two alone even though they didn’t approve of the union but the necromancer never did anything to harm them. Shortly after he pledged to marry his love, she disappeared and, despite his efforts to locate her, failed to recover her. During this time, an old woman in the village claimed she heard the voice of the gods and they demanded the blood of the evil one who communed with the dead. Forming a small militia, they razed the necromancers home and nailed him to a tree to warn other practicing necromancers away. Before dying, he declared he would return and get revenge. Several months later, two villagers went to the location where the dead necromancer hung and spoke of how they regretted getting involved with the crazy woman. When they mentioned it was she who was involved in the young woman’s death, the undead necromancer was reborn and unleashed his vengeance on the town. Those innocent were able to flee to safety but any who had blood on their hands fell. Eventually he discovered the body of his bride and of his unborn son then gave them all proper burials so that they could pass onto the spirit realm in peace.

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