Right this was part of a dream I once had where humans pretty much screwed the planet up by doing something to the atmosphere which ultimately heated up the surface and made surface living impossible.  It also altered the weather patterns drastically where there would be massive wind storms with gusts of 100mph or more. Our race wasn’t wiped out, but it did thin our numbers and forced us underground.  In these complexes were small communities of no more than 35-40 people with military staff manning the facility.  The military had also gained 100% control of everything and civilians were monitored and placed on very ridged schedules to keep order.  Our eating, socializing, exercising, and any other activity we engaged in was watched over with scutinizing eyes  One thing the military did do for us was allow us to go to the surface when the weather cooperated.

At one point, all us civs were allowed to go up and see the world for a brief period of time, but the winds started to pick up and I and two others couldn’t make it back inside in time.  The wind picked us up, hurling us through a valley with giant red trees flanking both sides. One of the men was flung against a tree, killing him instantly, but me and another woman fell to the ground and landed in soft sand.  We got up, noticing an old run down store not far in the distance, then we began to walk to it.  For some reason, her feet began to burn extensively, making it impossible for her to walk.  I dragged her to the building where we grabbed a bunch of gear and bundled up.

There is more to the dream, but I want to take this drawing to a comic level and actually illustrate it.  The visuals were pretty interesting!

It’s actually a little ironic as I was drawing this and watching the History Channel which is having a Doomsday week.

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