Lunch Sketch 10 – Confrontation


Another sketch done over the lunch hour at work.  It never fails to amaze me that no matter what size the sketchbook seems to be, somehow I manage to consistently take forever on a drawing and end up falling short of completing it.  Monday I made the decision to switch back to my little sketchbook, thinking that somehow I’d be able to finish a rendering in an hour.  Boy was I wrong! But then again, aside from my driving and perhaps walking in the mall, I’m not really that speedy when it comes to doing things.  I tend to take my time.  Wait… I take that back.  I do find myself zipping right along with my technical art at work, but that’s more due to my artistic ADD and just wanting to get a project done. Actually, I retract that remark about me being slow.  The only activity I can think of that I’m slow at IS painting. Anyway, want to do something else tonight in Painter seeing I’ve neglected a lot of painting stuff.  Maybe a still life or something.

Now for my evening tea and some painting…

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