Sketch – ??? –


YIKES! Been a lapse in the updates to sketching only because since I got back from my cruise a week ago, I have been stupidly busy cleaning my house for a Realtor to come look at it.  Long story, I’ll keep it out as in the long run it’s rather irrelevant.  As much time as I spent on the ship during the cruise, I seriously didn’t get as much drawing as I should have got in.  Oh well, here’s one I worked on during the plan trip anyway.  Will save this for a future painting.  While cleaning, I also found a itty bitty baby sketchbook laying around in my letter tray and had some interesting little doodles and still lifes in there.  Here’s two, done wisely in pen, because the rest were in pencil and were smudged to all hell.  Lesson learned: Do all sketching in sketchbooks smaller than 8.5×11 in pen!


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