Tuffies at War


Right, so this madness began when I was browsing through one of Concept Art’s Daily Sketch threads. In it, the spec required one to make a natural looking oak mech, which, originally I was going to do as a sketch, but as I was drawing out the tree, I couldn’t help but make two observations: that it was intensely difficult coming up with a non-mechanical looking oak mech and who in the world would even construct such a thing?

So… as things would have it, my imagination and some memories came rushing at me.

Back when I was a sprout still living under the wings of my parental units, I recall a time when there were a plethora of these adorable black squirrels with tuffed ears that lived around the surrounding woods. Over the years, their numbers had began to dwindle, all though at the time one really didn’t seem to notice it much. Now, you’ll be lucky if you even see one during the week. I think that the local grey squirrels had literally picked off their young and eventually caused their numbers to fall off the map.

SO, it seemed a little fair to me that the black squirrels should get a little revenge time via this illustration. Hence now, the tuffies fight back! >:]

Regarding the process.
Early on when I started this, I made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t use any black. Like… at all. Because I have this obsession for some reason to inject a ridiculous amount of black in just about every flipping piece I do. Now, on my screen, not a drop of black. So I did good and I’m proud of myself because it helped force me out of a box, learn a few new things, and hopefully set a pattern for upcoming projects. Dunno how many hours this took. I worked off and on over the course of a few months

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