Star Chasers

Star Chasers

One of my portfolio pieces. This idea hit me a while ago due to a number of things. The first being when I took a trip up to Alaska in November which was one adventure all on it’s own. The second was due to an argument that saw once here on the Complaints forum here at dA. It was some Anti-Twilight thread where two people were arguing about the legends of vampires and how traditional mythological creatures should only be depicted in certain ways else-wise they wouldn’t be recognized as that particular creature and would be categorized as something else. I believe that the person said something to the effect of, “You can’t stick a horn on any animal and call it a unicorn.” Well, I begged to differ.

So my unimoose was born. Anyway, it’s part of a story in my head. Like always. So the story goes, every so many years a special star comes close to Earth and changes either a deer or a horses growing fetus into a unicorn. However this time around the star altered the baby of a pregnant moose. At some point while he was very young, the unimoose became separated from his mother and ended up being discovered by an Inuit child who was out learning to hunt with his father. Seeing just how rare and special the one horned white moose was, they both took the creature back to camp and helped raise the animal. The unimoose came to be a symbol of good luck to their tribe.

As he grew older, he wanted to find out where he came from and why he couldn’t seem to find others like his kind. So he joins forces with a local wolf clan (you know, since unimooses can communicate with all animals) and his human companion and they all go on merry adventures together.

Medium: Photoshop CS5 (seriously… it rocks)
Hours Taken: Oh God I lost track after 45.

Detail can be seen here at my DeviantArt scrap page.

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