Sketch 34 – Shadow Creature

Sketchbook_00035_sm I never seem to get enough of drawing animals in skeletal form. Which is kind of ironic, because when I was young I was absolutely terrified of anything that looked undead. I guess I just reached a certain age where this stuff became cool. Anyway, this was a sketch that I started during lunch hours and slowly worked on it during the week. Because only having approximately 15 minutes in order to produce any kind of  finished artwork is nigh impossible. Unless of course I’m only doing basic gesture studies. Which while all good but doing something a little bit more fleshed out is always a bit more self gratifying. I’m not even sure what a proper name for this thing is and I really don’t want to try and figure one out at the moment, however, it has a tendency of emerging from shadows. Once the sun goes down, it emerges from its shadowy world and manifests itself physically to be able to explore its surroundings. Although most would look upon them and flee due to their physical appearance, these creatures are generally harmless and would not engage in any sort of violent behavior. They actually exhibit no fear and have a natural sense of curiosity about the world around them. Especially when it comes to the world of the living. Since they are unable to explore the world during the daylight hours, one would often see them running in herds, typically in groups of  six to eight, as they swiftly bound along the landscape in order to see and experience as much as possible.

There’s another image that I began in my larger sketchbook with more of these creatures drawn. Eventually I’ll get that when finished and I’ll post it up on the blog too.

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