The Giver

The Giver¬†Okay, as far as I’m concerned this project is done. Finished. Moving on! I have been fussing over this stupid thing for the past 2 1/2 to 3 months now and I feel like I have fussed far enough. Let this be a lesson learned, never to sit and overwork your image. Because I overworked this thing to death and it really shows. I could list off a whole a host of issues that I have with this current piece, ranging from inability to produce a decent focal point all the way to the horrible color scheme. Pretty much everything that falls right in between those two it’s in there. I’m not even certain if the storyline is prominent anymore due to the various amounts of flaws overlapping in this piece.

Oh well, onto the next image, which shouldn’t take up nearly as much of my time. I’m coming to this conclusion that it is extremely taxing on my level of patience when an illustration draws out any longer than 40 hours. While the final results are generally rewarding, it just becomes a battle to work on an illustration that long. Must be ADD or something.

This particular scene depicts a rare, compassionate breed of dragon. They are typically hidden from mortal eyes, only emerging when they sense great distress or emotional turmoil in their territory. In this case a local community of herders had a bad run in with the dragons living in the mountain range. They, the dragons, had descended upon their fields and slaughtered and carried off many of their cattle. Taking pity on the poor folk who could not afford to replenish their stock on their own, the dragon manifested itself and gave unto them a portion of its own treasures as a means to say “I’m sorry for what happened to you!”

Medium: Photoshop CS5
Hours: Who knows?

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