Shelephant’s Song – WIP


Shelephants_Song_Sketch_WIP01Here is the next illustration I’m working on. Going to try and not use any value darker than 70% and try and keep the palette as light as colorful as possible. There are some things that need to be tweaked though as some of the colors are becoming rather muddy. Funny how that can still happen with digital painting. 😛 This illustration has been sitting in my WIP folder for a little over a year now and I had gone back and adjusted the composition quite a bit in my sketchbook. I still think the boy should be a little larger. Obviously will be tweaking and tweaking. 😮 The left side of the panel will have more shelephant’s in the back ground grazing in the field, while other fauna will be in the foreground (I’m getting ahead of myself with color).

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