Prometheus Musing

WhyDoTheyHateUsThis was something a good friend and I had talked about yesterday when we hung out for a bit and ate some froyo at a local joint. I had to wonder just what the heck Shaw was planning when she finally made it to the Engineer’s planet. She’s totally out of her element, totally vulnerable, and totally unprepared for any part of her journey. I imagine that she arrives, hair messed up, smelly, and probably low on food, with a beheaded android and they land in an area with a bunch of 9 foot tall aliens surrounding the ship. The door swings open and here she stands with the disembodied head of David clutching in one hand. I’m sure at this point the Engineers would be all O.o


I think best case scenario, she arrives and no one is there. They vacated. Because I doubt they’d be willing to reconsider keeping Shaw alive if she keeps a talking head with her as a translator.

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