Art Nouveau Engineer – Anishuu

Art Nouveau EngineerStarted as a really quick sketch of of some random Engineer but, as things progressed, I decided to try and think of a name for him.

But what? Definitely not Steve… Eric? Geoffrey?

Anyway so, based off some of the things I’ve read from various interviews regarding language used for the Engineers, I’m deducing that they have names that sound like mashups of Mesoamerican, Egyptian (sorry it’s the loincloths for some reason), and Babylonian. These three are just really sticking hard to me. So after looking around online, I managed to mash up recorded names that we know of.

So here’s Anishuu. Holding a canister of death.

Alternate title: Bartender, I’ll take that shaken, not stirred.

Because the canisters remind me an awful lot like a martini mixer.

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