Art Nouveau Engineer – Rhishuaa

Art Nouveau Engineer- Part IISecond Engineer fan art. Though it’s more of an OC than anything. I can’t resist. Rhishuaa is the opposite to Anishuu; a carefree, stop and smell the roses (all the time) individual who’s loyalty is both intense and tenuous. Early in his years, he was a part of a developmental research team lead by a very ambitious Elder who would use any means to achieve his goals. After experiencing first hand some of the horrific experimentation’s this Elder oversaw, Rhishuaa’s doubt on his moral standing shifted and he found himself repulsed by what he witnessed. Leaving his team, he chose to focus on preserving existing life. Unfortunately this often impacted his relationships with others. While many understood the necessity of sacrificing ones self for the sake of their people, Rhishuaa rejected this fully. Often times, he would actively work to sabotage events that would lead to deaths of those he cared about most. Many who had uncovered his deceit abandoned him entirely until most he knew were those holding similar ideals as he.


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  1. I love your engineer fanart, they are so beautiful, worthly representation of my favorites characters in Prometheus, and the idea of the art nouveau style is great ! I have a passion for engineer 😉

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