The Shelephant’s Song

The Shelephants SongOne of those images that I yet again have a story behind. Music had all but drifted away from a small community of shelephant herders. Once upon a time, these villagers held close bonds with the creatures, but over time that faded and the giant lumbering creatures became so lazy and lethargic in their ways it affected their wool output. The adults all thought there was a terrible sickness with the beasts, however the children saw that the shelephants were simply sad. The adults were set in their ways in curing via medicinal remedies so the children all headed out to find various ways to cheer up the creatures. Some told them jokes, some performed silly plays. It wasn’t until one of the youth discovered a musical instrument and began to play it that the shelephants perked up. As the young boy developed his musical skills, the shelephants mood swung upward until they danced to the tunes. Soon all the children would gather and play tunes, rekindling the lost bond with the shelephants and saving the flocks.

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