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Sketchbook_00052About a month ago, I ended up adopting a bearded dragon. I’ve always had a love of reptiles and wanted one in some form, but was hesitant to get one due to certain factors and not really knowing what kind of reptile would best suit my lifestyle. After doing a heck of a lot of research, I ended up deciding that a bearded dragon would be a good fit. During a conversation with a guy at work, I discovered that his son was wanting to sell his as he was coming into the more social years of his teenage self. So after much cleaning of my office, I went down to get the beardie. Hermes (I had to rename him because while I was there I discovered “she” was really a “he”) has been here for 38 days.

I must say, it’s been quite the adventure with this little guy. I’ve already been exposed to his first shed and first “let’s poop on mommy” event. But I’ve also had the opportunity to give him his first bath and his first vet visit (this just last week). Yeah, I know, that doesn’t sound endearing. Generally a vet visit is one of those things most pet owners dread. Unless you have one of those derpy dogs who loves car rides and is otherwise oblivious to the world around it to know that vets = bad. I get no such satisfaction being the owner of two cats. Not only is it required that I suit up in armor just to pack them into their carry cases, I also get to listen to the symphony of yowling for what amounts to a ten minute drive. Sometimes it begins even before my foot crosses the threshold of my house. Hermes… is silent. And getting him into a carrier is ridiculously easy. I also suffer no grievous injuries as a result. In fact, he was so blasé about the entire experience, he fell asleep on the way home. FELL. ASLEEP. The only time he got a little testy was when the vet was doing the visual exam and she had to burrito wrap him in a towel. He showed his displeasure by pushing his beard out but it ended there.

Sketchbook_00051So the vet said he is in good shape and I am being a very good slave owner. The only thing she was worried about was the fact he wasn’t holding himself up on his hindlegs very long. This might have stemmed from the previous set up he had lived in but she said that as long as I kept doing what I was doing with the calcium supplements,  good UVB lights, and feeding of nutritious greens, that in a few months he should see improvement. Oh, and his gut flora is healthy too. Just thought I throw that one out there.

Right now the little bugger is snoozing in his hide that I made for him this evening. He’s got it good.

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