Creature Creations – Rhinocorn



So about a week or so ago, I read an article about how the common ancestor linking rhinos and horses was found on Madagascar. Being the person who likes to share things, I asked my office mate if he read about that. Immediately he blurts out, “Duh, we’ve always known about their common ancestor! It’s a unicorn!” What followed was a long conversation filled with color descriptions of said creature as well as the fact they are the anti of all traditional deer looking unicorns. Where unicorns were considered lucky, the rhinocorn grants nothing but bad luck on a glance. So if your phone won’t stop ringing that annoying ringtone that you don’t remember changing it to, your laundry is perpetually wrinkly, and your keys go missing at the drop of a hat, you’ll know that a rhinocorn is lurking around.

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