Narrative artwork has always been a passion of mine and goes back to my days of childhood. Those were times when I immersed myself in mythology and folklore, helping to kindle a love for fantastical realms, strange creatures, and odd events which reflect in my current art. My deep love of animals and the natural world also provide boundless inspiration! When in need of ideas, hiking along a Colorado trail can kick start my muse into overdrive. I also indulge in trips to the zoo to sketch and study animals.

I studied at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, graduating with a Bachelors in Fine Art in Illustration, and have done private commissions for a variety of clients. While my roots are in traditional mediums, the majority of my latest art is painted digitally with Photoshop. All work does begin with graphite renderings before being scanned and painted.

Commissions are currently open and I can be contacted at the following email: