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Kylo Ren


SkeptiBee_KyloRen2_smSoooo, having seen Star Wars twice now, I thought I’d kick out some fan work. The sketchbook is currently bursting with more ideas than I feel I have time to complete I’m going to have to try and balance that work with some of the other fan work I’ve been working on. I want to knock out one with Rey next followed by Finn.

Gator Grins


Illustration that I did for an upcoming showing at our local library branch. I was so stoked about getting it finished in time… then I realized as I was trimming it that I did not have the appropriate sized frame. :[ Oh well, next month it will be displayed at the other library.

Creature Creations – Rhinocorn



So about a week or so ago, I read an article about how the common ancestor linking rhinos and horses was found on Madagascar. Being the person who likes to share things, I asked my office mate if he read about that. Immediately he blurts out, “Duh, we’ve always known about their common ancestor! It’s a unicorn!” What followed was a long conversation filled with color descriptions of said creature as well as the fact they are the anti of all traditional deer looking unicorns. Where unicorns were considered lucky, the rhinocorn grants nothing but bad luck on a glance. So if your phone won’t stop ringing that annoying ringtone that you don’t remember changing it to, your laundry is perpetually wrinkly, and your keys go missing at the drop of a hat, you’ll know that a rhinocorn is lurking around.

Sketch 55 – Giraffe


One more to add to the mix! Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has the largest herd of Reticulated Giraffes here in the states that you can pay to feed. Totally worth it! Although some are keen on stealing hats as one nearly did to me one day. This was not the cheeky one who tried that despite the smug face.

Sketch 54 – Hermes


I should probably not call this a sketch. Took nearly three evenings to finish with all the tiny scales I needed to render. Anyway, here’s Hermes! Little bugger is hibernating (finally). I think he gave up just looking around dully in a dark hide. Reptiles are crazy difficult to draw at certain angles. If the slightest thing is off, their heads look smashed in. Makes it really easy to spot where problems exist but I ended up redrawing both the mouth and eye nearly ten times before finally nailing it.

Sketch 53 – Meerkat


Long afternoon waiting for CenturyLink to install my service although I’m seriously wondering if it was worth it considering I still have NO internet service. Peeved. Anyway, having found a 6B pencil mingling in a collection of pens, I worked on this image based from a photo from the zoo. Enjoy!