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Reddit’s Sketch Daily – Heat

SketchDaily-021-HeatSome sketches just need color to get what you’re attempting to convey.  I did a quick black and white sketch but it couldn’t rely on the mechanical pencil to get that real intense fire I want. If I was going that far, I needed my pencil kit so I could really push all my blacks and get the highest contrast possible. I didn’t have them, so I had to work on this after I got home from work.

Lake McConaughy

Sketchbook_00037So I spent the weekend lounging at the beach of Lake McConaughy near Ogallala, Nebraska. Three good friends and I left on Friday morning and headed out in order to make it long before the sun would set as we learned our lessons from a few years ago. Unfortunately the main beach was really crowded where we pitched tents on Friday afternoon. Most of us were rather disenchanted with our neighbors so we decided to scope out the area the next day and  Sketchbook_00036 try and find another area. Good fortune allowed us to find this very secluded area of the beach with one other neighbor that was very quiet. So we broke down Saturday afternoon then relocated. It was super nice, with good shade from the hot sun. Saturday was very hot out but Sunday didn’t seem nearly as bad (at least to me). We played around in the water a bit, and I got to draw and paint a little. Here are a few watercolors with pen.

Reddit’s Sketch Daily – Otters

SketchDaily-017-OttersOtter time! During a conversation with a friend she had regaled these tales of various zoo staffers who had been mauled by the otters (as well as a very testosterone laden otter that was super aggressive towards his female mates). So knowing this tid bit of info, I decided to draw the amazon river warrioress. Beware wildlife, for she is always on the prowl!