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Kylo Ren


SkeptiBee_KyloRen2_smSoooo, having seen Star Wars twice now, I thought I’d kick out some fan work. The sketchbook is currently bursting with more ideas than I feel I have time to complete I’m going to have to try and balance that work with some of the other fan work I’ve been working on. I want to knock out one with Rey next followed by Finn.

Gator Grins


Illustration that I did for an upcoming showing at our local library branch. I was so stoked about getting it finished in time… then I realized as I was trimming it that I did not have the appropriate sized frame. :[ Oh well, next month it will be displayed at the other library.

Creature Creations – Rhinocorn



So about a week or so ago, I read an article about how the common ancestor linking rhinos and horses was found on Madagascar. Being the person who likes to share things, I asked my office mate if he read about that. Immediately he blurts out, “Duh, we’ve always known about their common ancestor! It’s a unicorn!” What followed was a long conversation filled with color descriptions of said creature as well as the fact they are the anti of all traditional deer looking unicorns. Where unicorns were considered lucky, the rhinocorn grants nothing but bad luck on a glance. So if your phone won’t stop ringing that annoying ringtone that you don’t remember changing it to, your laundry is perpetually wrinkly, and your keys go missing at the drop of a hat, you’ll know that a rhinocorn is lurking around.

Old Idea Finished


Good grief. My “Ideas” folder was burgeoning with small sketches and doodles that I had plopped in there and forgot about. Most of them I chucked into the recycling bin as they were awful and I felt that future fuddling wasn’t going to amount to anything. Just a couple were ones that I wanted to finish. This was one of the Wraith King based off someone’s fanfic and how he was described.

Art Nouveau Engineer – Rhishuaa

Art Nouveau Engineer- Part IISecond Engineer fan art. Though it’s more of an OC than anything. I can’t resist. Rhishuaa is the opposite to Anishuu; a carefree, stop and smell the roses (all the time) individual who’s loyalty is both intense and tenuous. Early in his years, he was a part of a developmental research team lead by a very ambitious Elder who would use any means to achieve his goals. After experiencing first hand some of the horrific experimentation’s this Elder oversaw, Rhishuaa’s doubt on his moral standing shifted and he found himself repulsed by what he witnessed. Leaving his team, he chose to focus on preserving existing life. Unfortunately this often impacted his relationships with others. While many understood the necessity of sacrificing ones self for the sake of their people, Rhishuaa rejected this fully. Often times, he would actively work to sabotage events that would lead to deaths of those he cared about most. Many who had uncovered his deceit abandoned him entirely until most he knew were those holding similar ideals as he.


The Shelephant’s Song

The Shelephants SongOne of those images that I yet again have a story behind. Music had all but drifted away from a small community of shelephant herders. Once upon a time, these villagers held close bonds with the creatures, but over time that faded and the giant lumbering creatures became so lazy and lethargic in their ways it affected their wool output. The adults all thought there was a terrible sickness with the beasts, however the children saw that the shelephants were simply sad. The adults were set in their ways in curing via medicinal remedies so the children all headed out to find various ways to cheer up the creatures. Some told them jokes, some performed silly plays. It wasn’t until one of the youth discovered a musical instrument and began to play it that the shelephants perked up. As the young boy developed his musical skills, the shelephants mood swung upward until they danced to the tunes. Soon all the children would gather and play tunes, rekindling the lost bond with the shelephants and saving the flocks.

Art Nouveau Engineer – Anishuu

Art Nouveau EngineerStarted as a really quick sketch of of some random Engineer but, as things progressed, I decided to try and think of a name for him.

But what? Definitely not Steve… Eric? Geoffrey?

Anyway so, based off some of the things I’ve read from various interviews regarding language used for the Engineers, I’m deducing that they have names that sound like mashups of Mesoamerican, Egyptian (sorry it’s the loincloths for some reason), and Babylonian. These three are just really sticking hard to me. So after looking around online, I managed to mash up recorded names that we know of.

So here’s Anishuu. Holding a canister of death.

Alternate title: Bartender, I’ll take that shaken, not stirred.

Because the canisters remind me an awful lot like a martini mixer.