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Kylo Ren


SkeptiBee_KyloRen2_smSoooo, having seen Star Wars twice now, I thought I’d kick out some fan work. The sketchbook is currently bursting with more ideas than I feel I have time to complete I’m going to have to try and balance that work with some of the other fan work I’ve been working on. I want to knock out one with Rey next followed by Finn.

Old Idea Finished


Good grief. My “Ideas” folder was burgeoning with small sketches and doodles that I had plopped in there and forgot about. Most of them I chucked into the recycling bin as they were awful and I felt that future fuddling wasn’t going to amount to anything. Just a couple were ones that I wanted to finish. This was one of the Wraith King based off someone’s fanfic and how he was described.

Art Nouveau Engineer – Rhishuaa

Art Nouveau Engineer- Part IISecond Engineer fan art. Though it’s more of an OC than anything. I can’t resist. Rhishuaa is the opposite to Anishuu; a carefree, stop and smell the roses (all the time) individual who’s loyalty is both intense and tenuous. Early in his years, he was a part of a developmental research team lead by a very ambitious Elder who would use any means to achieve his goals. After experiencing first hand some of the horrific experimentation’s this Elder oversaw, Rhishuaa’s doubt on his moral standing shifted and he found himself repulsed by what he witnessed. Leaving his team, he chose to focus on preserving existing life. Unfortunately this often impacted his relationships with others. While many understood the necessity of sacrificing ones self for the sake of their people, Rhishuaa rejected this fully. Often times, he would actively work to sabotage events that would lead to deaths of those he cared about most. Many who had uncovered his deceit abandoned him entirely until most he knew were those holding similar ideals as he.


Art Nouveau Engineer – Anishuu

Art Nouveau EngineerStarted as a really quick sketch of of some random Engineer but, as things progressed, I decided to try and think of a name for him.

But what? Definitely not Steve… Eric? Geoffrey?

Anyway so, based off some of the things I’ve read from various interviews regarding language used for the Engineers, I’m deducing that they have names that sound like mashups of Mesoamerican, Egyptian (sorry it’s the loincloths for some reason), and Babylonian. These three are just really sticking hard to me. So after looking around online, I managed to mash up recorded names that we know of.

So here’s Anishuu. Holding a canister of death.

Alternate title: Bartender, I’ll take that shaken, not stirred.

Because the canisters remind me an awful lot like a martini mixer.

Prometheus Musing

WhyDoTheyHateUsThis was something a good friend and I had talked about yesterday when we hung out for a bit and ate some froyo at a local joint. I had to wonder just what the heck Shaw was planning when she finally made it to the Engineer’s planet. She’s totally out of her element, totally vulnerable, and totally unprepared for any part of her journey. I imagine that she arrives, hair messed up, smelly, and probably low on food, with a beheaded android and they land in an area with a bunch of 9 foot tall aliens surrounding the ship. The door swings open and here she stands with the disembodied head of David clutching in one hand. I’m sure at this point the Engineers would be all O.o


I think best case scenario, she arrives and no one is there. They vacated. Because I doubt they’d be willing to reconsider keeping Shaw alive if she keeps a talking head with her as a translator.

Beefcake Engineer


Redeeming Prometheis So I’m in the mind that the only redeeming aspect to Prometheus is the fact I got to see a near naked albino beefcake. So I drew a mostly naked albino beefcake. Yay.

Incidentally, anyone else think the concept designers got lazy and just reached for a Burne Hogarth’s anatomy book for the look of the Engineers? Minus all the wonky poses with limbs flailing in all manner of directions of course. Just thought I would point that out to other artists who know what I’d be referencing…

Quick Edit: Fixed his eye a little and killed most of that pink. They do have some color around the eyes, but I put more than I should on there.

Alone – Black and White


AloneFor now, I think I’m done with the black and white image. I’m going to work on the color version next and see what I can come up with. Originally I had it very monochromatic, but I think I might add more color than that. All in the details. 😛