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Tuffies at War


Right, so this madness began when I was browsing through one of Concept Art’s Daily Sketch threads. In it, the spec required one to make a natural looking oak mech, which, originally I was going to do as a sketch, but as I was drawing out the tree, I couldn’t help but make two observations: that it was intensely difficult coming up with a non-mechanical looking oak mech and who in the world would even construct such a thing?

So… as things would have it, my imagination and some memories came rushing at me.

Back when I was a sprout still living under the wings of my parental units, I recall a time when there were a plethora of these adorable black squirrels with tuffed ears that lived around the surrounding woods. Over the years, their numbers had began to dwindle, all though at the time one really didn’t seem to notice it much. Now, you’ll be lucky if you even see one during the week. I think that the local grey squirrels had literally picked off their young and eventually caused their numbers to fall off the map.

SO, it seemed a little fair to me that the black squirrels should get a little revenge time via this illustration. Hence now, the tuffies fight back! >:]

Regarding the process.
Early on when I started this, I made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t use any black. Like… at all. Because I have this obsession for some reason to inject a ridiculous amount of black in just about every flipping piece I do. Now, on my screen, not a drop of black. So I did good and I’m proud of myself because it helped force me out of a box, learn a few new things, and hopefully set a pattern for upcoming projects. Dunno how many hours this took. I worked off and on over the course of a few months

Chocolate Mint Swirl Snail of Foowishi

Chocolate Mint Swirl Snail of Foowishi

The very rare Chocolate Mint Swirl Snail slowly plods it’s way through the mystical forests of Foowishi, a planet very far and distant from our own.  These little creatures emit high levels of mint scent and as a result, taste utterly horrid to the local population of predators.

I have this sweet tooth when it comes to anything mint.  Peppermint, spearmint, you name it, it is delicious to me. One day, after indulging in a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, I partook in their basket of after dinner mints they had placed near the door.  Picking up the small, plastic wrapped edible object, I took note that it wasn’t made like the standard red and white round mints and these ones had a spiral shape to them.  An idea popped into my head, and I knew I had to do a fusion of snail and food.

Chocolaty escargot perhaps? Hmm… that would be kinda gross.


MeliHitchcock_Illus_0003_ReunionThis was based off a mini story I constructed as I was painting this. Originally I had planned to produce a generic piece of a rampaging undead wizard, however, as I continued to render him, I decided to give a little narrative to his actions. Instead of him destroying simply on a whim, he did so out of vengeance for all the terrible things his family and he underwent. The story goes that he was a necromancer who had a loving relationship with a lady in a nearby village. For the most part, people left the two alone even though they didn’t approve of the union but the necromancer never did anything to harm them. Shortly after he pledged to marry his love, she disappeared and, despite his efforts to locate her, failed to recover her. During this time, an old woman in the village claimed she heard the voice of the gods and they demanded the blood of the evil one who communed with the dead. Forming a small militia, they razed the necromancers home and nailed him to a tree to warn other practicing necromancers away. Before dying, he declared he would return and get revenge. Several months later, two villagers went to the location where the dead necromancer hung and spoke of how they regretted getting involved with the crazy woman. When they mentioned it was she who was involved in the young woman’s death, the undead necromancer was reborn and unleashed his vengeance on the town. Those innocent were able to flee to safety but any who had blood on their hands fell. Eventually he discovered the body of his bride and of his unborn son then gave them all proper burials so that they could pass onto the spirit realm in peace.

Another Day Gone

MeliHitchcock_Illus_0002_anotherdaygone The sun was sinking low on the horizon when the great reptilian beast landed upon a tall peak jutting higher than all others surrounding it. Standing proud, his eyes glanced about the barren landscape, its colors now warm from the suns light as it slowly dipped behind the mountains. It was a fleeting event, brought about as if nature herself desired to rekindle some spark of life and beauty to this desolate and cold location. In but a few moments, this would all be returned to its former self and the great dragon knew that another day was gone. Another day of plotting his rise to power and domination.

Tomorrow, however, always held the promise of possibilities.

First Born Child

MeliHitchcock_Illus_0001_firstbornchild This insectoid alien was created with the intent to flesh it out and integrate it into a story. It has seven stages of life cycle, each one growing more destructive as it uses drones that it replicates to abduct native life forms so it may study them, then integrate it’s DNA and create hybrids via eggs. The parent grows to an immense size before absorbing itself into the walls of the hive itself.