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Prometheus Musing

WhyDoTheyHateUsThis was something a good friend and I had talked about yesterday when we hung out for a bit and ate some froyo at a local joint. I had to wonder just what the heck Shaw was planning when she finally made it to the Engineer’s planet. She’s totally out of her element, totally vulnerable, and totally unprepared for any part of her journey. I imagine that she arrives, hair messed up, smelly, and probably low on food, with a beheaded android and they land in an area with a bunch of 9 foot tall aliens surrounding the ship. The door swings open and here she stands with the disembodied head of David clutching in one hand. I’m sure at this point the Engineers would be all O.o


I think best case scenario, she arrives and no one is there. They vacated. Because I doubt they’d be willing to reconsider keeping Shaw alive if she keeps a talking head with her as a translator.

Beefcake Engineer


Redeeming Prometheis So I’m in the mind that the only redeeming aspect to Prometheus is the fact I got to see a near naked albino beefcake. So I drew a mostly naked albino beefcake. Yay.

Incidentally, anyone else think the concept designers got lazy and just reached for a Burne Hogarth’s anatomy book for the look of the Engineers? Minus all the wonky poses with limbs flailing in all manner of directions of course. Just thought I would point that out to other artists who know what I’d be referencing…

Quick Edit: Fixed his eye a little and killed most of that pink. They do have some color around the eyes, but I put more than I should on there.

Alone – Black and White


AloneFor now, I think I’m done with the black and white image. I’m going to work on the color version next and see what I can come up with. Originally I had it very monochromatic, but I think I might add more color than that. All in the details. 😛

Slight Regrets

Polarized Finished version of the Man in Black and his bro chilling on the beach.

I didn’t want to emphasize any sort of anger this time around, but rather a sense of sadness regarding the decision the MIB made against his sibling. There’s a part of me that believes that while killing Jacob would have left him feeling liberated and free, he’d still be upset that he had to kill his own brother to do it. Considering the fact he knifed “mom”, Jacob was the last relative he had. And he wanted Jacob to leave the island with him when he begged Jakey-boy to go with him when the villagers finally made their exodus.

I got the impression the two still had some measure of a brotherly bond, hence they could still be civil to each other when they weren’t trying to one up each other. Just after a certain point in time, the resentment that the MIB harbored canceled out any feelings he once had for his bro. So consider this early in the time line.