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The Giver

The Giver Okay, as far as I’m concerned this project is done. Finished. Moving on! I have been fussing over this stupid thing for the past 2 1/2 to 3 months now and I feel like I have fussed far enough. Let this be a lesson learned, never to sit and overwork your image. Because I overworked this thing to death and it really shows. I could list off a whole a host of issues that I have with this current piece, ranging from inability to produce a decent focal point all the way to the horrible color scheme. Pretty much everything that falls right in between those two it’s in there. I’m not even certain if the storyline is prominent anymore due to the various amounts of flaws overlapping in this piece.

Oh well, onto the next image, which shouldn’t take up nearly as much of my time. I’m coming to this conclusion that it is extremely taxing on my level of patience when an illustration draws out any longer than 40 hours. While the final results are generally rewarding, it just becomes a battle to work on an illustration that long. Must be ADD or something.

This particular scene depicts a rare, compassionate breed of dragon. They are typically hidden from mortal eyes, only emerging when they sense great distress or emotional turmoil in their territory. In this case a local community of herders had a bad run in with the dragons living in the mountain range. They, the dragons, had descended upon their fields and slaughtered and carried off many of their cattle. Taking pity on the poor folk who could not afford to replenish their stock on their own, the dragon manifested itself and gave unto them a portion of its own treasures as a means to say “I’m sorry for what happened to you!”

Medium: Photoshop CS5
Hours: Who knows?

Star Chasers

Star Chasers

One of my portfolio pieces. This idea hit me a while ago due to a number of things. The first being when I took a trip up to Alaska in November which was one adventure all on it’s own. The second was due to an argument that saw once here on the Complaints forum here at dA. It was some Anti-Twilight thread where two people were arguing about the legends of vampires and how traditional mythological creatures should only be depicted in certain ways else-wise they wouldn’t be recognized as that particular creature and would be categorized as something else. I believe that the person said something to the effect of, “You can’t stick a horn on any animal and call it a unicorn.” Well, I begged to differ.

So my unimoose was born. Anyway, it’s part of a story in my head. Like always. So the story goes, every so many years a special star comes close to Earth and changes either a deer or a horses growing fetus into a unicorn. However this time around the star altered the baby of a pregnant moose. At some point while he was very young, the unimoose became separated from his mother and ended up being discovered by an Inuit child who was out learning to hunt with his father. Seeing just how rare and special the one horned white moose was, they both took the creature back to camp and helped raise the animal. The unimoose came to be a symbol of good luck to their tribe.

As he grew older, he wanted to find out where he came from and why he couldn’t seem to find others like his kind. So he joins forces with a local wolf clan (you know, since unimooses can communicate with all animals) and his human companion and they all go on merry adventures together.

Medium: Photoshop CS5 (seriously… it rocks)
Hours Taken: Oh God I lost track after 45.

Detail can be seen here at my DeviantArt scrap page.

LOST – Scheming Man in Black


Finished this after two days if piddling around with it.  I still think the Man in Black is hot as hell and I wouldn’t mind getting stuck on that island with him even in all his moody, broody, sulky, manipulative, I-want-to-kill-my-brother ways. Ahh…  if only…

And, yes, in the future there will be more of him.  Well, art that is. I’ve got some schemes of my own that are in the works! However I’m still working on several images for my portfolio, so until those are done, other fan art will be on hiatus.  Will post up some WIP’s of the other illustrations within a few days.  I want to get a few more details worked out before pumping out some visuals for possible critiques.

Tuffies at War


Right, so this madness began when I was browsing through one of Concept Art’s Daily Sketch threads. In it, the spec required one to make a natural looking oak mech, which, originally I was going to do as a sketch, but as I was drawing out the tree, I couldn’t help but make two observations: that it was intensely difficult coming up with a non-mechanical looking oak mech and who in the world would even construct such a thing?

So… as things would have it, my imagination and some memories came rushing at me.

Back when I was a sprout still living under the wings of my parental units, I recall a time when there were a plethora of these adorable black squirrels with tuffed ears that lived around the surrounding woods. Over the years, their numbers had began to dwindle, all though at the time one really didn’t seem to notice it much. Now, you’ll be lucky if you even see one during the week. I think that the local grey squirrels had literally picked off their young and eventually caused their numbers to fall off the map.

SO, it seemed a little fair to me that the black squirrels should get a little revenge time via this illustration. Hence now, the tuffies fight back! >:]

Regarding the process.
Early on when I started this, I made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t use any black. Like… at all. Because I have this obsession for some reason to inject a ridiculous amount of black in just about every flipping piece I do. Now, on my screen, not a drop of black. So I did good and I’m proud of myself because it helped force me out of a box, learn a few new things, and hopefully set a pattern for upcoming projects. Dunno how many hours this took. I worked off and on over the course of a few months

Durraiz – Orcess


Right, so having stayed home for almost 3 days now due to illness (our boss so lovingly sent us home and doesn’t want us there until we are better) this has allowed me time to sit and actually work on art.

This project was started a month ago as a sketch for a piece of fan fiction I’ve been reading over the past few years. This work, found at this link here, chronicles the adventures of two young girls and many other characters who are original creations to Tolkiens world.  It’s a little different, more dark, but also more developed in terms of having better, non-mary sue characters involved in the story.  It’s hard to come by a lot of good Tolkien fan fiction out there, and this one I’ve really enjoyed reading thus far.

Anyway, this character is Durraiz, an orcess who administers punishment to the Rohirric women who dared to try and flee from their captor slavers.

Here is a detail since the original might be on the smallish side:


Chocolate Mint Swirl Snail of Foowishi

Chocolate Mint Swirl Snail of Foowishi

The very rare Chocolate Mint Swirl Snail slowly plods it’s way through the mystical forests of Foowishi, a planet very far and distant from our own.  These little creatures emit high levels of mint scent and as a result, taste utterly horrid to the local population of predators.

I have this sweet tooth when it comes to anything mint.  Peppermint, spearmint, you name it, it is delicious to me. One day, after indulging in a delicious lunch at a local restaurant, I partook in their basket of after dinner mints they had placed near the door.  Picking up the small, plastic wrapped edible object, I took note that it wasn’t made like the standard red and white round mints and these ones had a spiral shape to them.  An idea popped into my head, and I knew I had to do a fusion of snail and food.

Chocolaty escargot perhaps? Hmm… that would be kinda gross.