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Sketch 55 – Giraffe


One more to add to the mix! Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has the largest herd of Reticulated Giraffes here in the states that you can pay to feed. Totally worth it! Although some are keen on stealing hats as one nearly did to me one day. This was not the cheeky one who tried that despite the smug face.

Sketch 54 – Hermes


I should probably not call this a sketch. Took nearly three evenings to finish with all the tiny scales I needed to render. Anyway, here’s Hermes! Little bugger is hibernating (finally). I think he gave up just looking around dully in a dark hide. Reptiles are crazy difficult to draw at certain angles. If the slightest thing is off, their heads look smashed in. Makes it really easy to spot where problems exist but I ended up redrawing both the mouth and eye nearly ten times before finally nailing it.

Sketch 53 – Meerkat


Long afternoon waiting for CenturyLink to install my service although I’m seriously wondering if it was worth it considering I still have NO internet service. Peeved. Anyway, having found a 6B pencil mingling in a collection of pens, I worked on this image based from a photo from the zoo. Enjoy!

Old Idea Finished


Good grief. My “Ideas” folder was burgeoning with small sketches and doodles that I had plopped in there and forgot about. Most of them I chucked into the recycling bin as they were awful and I felt that future fuddling wasn’t going to amount to anything. Just a couple were ones that I wanted to finish. This was one of the Wraith King based off someone’s fanfic and how he was described.

Reddit’s SketchDaily – Betta Fish

Haven’t done one of these in a long time. We had to pull reference from the /r/bettafish sub. The one I snagged wasn’t the best of quality (lots of camera shake), but I liked the richness of the blue in it. The face also looked really grumpy so… here’s Grumpy Betta.


I really wanted to do a painting over the weekend but I was completely exhausted having worked two 12 hour day shifts doing inventory at work. There’s been no rest really. Today and this week will be full work days and I’m already tapped out of energy. That and my elbow and wrist are in pain from general repetitive stress.

Cartoonish Cougar

There were a series of photos I took of the mountain lions at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo that I found rather comical. Usually they are just sitting around doing… cat things: grooming, chewing on toys, pacing around… and actually that day was no different. But some of the expressions on their faces I thought were funny. So I decided to use them for tonights work. Just little expressive cat faces. 😛


Animal Study

Last one today…


Did this while watching Life of Birds for nearly half the day. One would think I would have painted a bird with how many hours I was listening to the program, but no. Here’s a giant cat. I have so many images from various zoo visits in my photography folder that I need to start using them for something. Enjoy! Oh, and photo for reference below. In case ya care. :B