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Reddit’s Sketch Daily – A Ridiculous Deity

SketchDaily-029-ARidiculiousDeityThis also falls under the most annoying deity. Probably the oldest God of them all… The one that has too much time on his hands and so he feels the need to preoccupy everyone else’s time with random meetings. Even Pharaohs of old had to deal with his nonsense when he couldn’t understand why the high architects wanted to hold several meetings a day regarding the construction of the pyramids.

Reddit’s Sketch Daily – Still Life Skulls

SketchDaily-027-StillLifeSkullSo about a week ago I put in an order for and received a skull replica so I could do some more studies. It’s not the most accurate thing I think I’ve ever seen, but it will do good for what I need. Anyway, when I was doing some set up I thought it would be nice to share with the sketchers at Reddit so I took several photos of Morte (yes I named the thing) then tossed them up on my imgur account.

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Reddit’s Sketch Daily – Free Draw

SketchDaily-026-FreeDrawFridaySo yesterday I had an utter lack of motivation for both topics on the sketch daily. I had tossed the idea of drawing a generic dragon but then fell on the idea of doing something a little different from the norm. Today was extremely slow in terms of work load, so in between small clips of productivity, I was fleshing out this drawing a lot. Some issues with perspective… horses leg seems too large as well as the head, and the trunk seems a touch too short. But over all it was a fun little assignment.

Reddit’s Sketch Daily – Sharks

SketchDaily-025-SharksI figured enough people were going to draw Great White Sharks or Tigers so I did a little looking around to see what other interesting sharks swam the big blue seas. Thresher sharks, so I learned, have tails that are roughly equivalent to the length of their body and will use them to stun fish so they can feed. I also discovered they will fully leap out of the water. So yeah… I can imagine the sharks are having fun while they do that.