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Reddit’s SketchDaily – Betta Fish

Haven’t done one of these in a long time. We had to pull reference from the /r/bettafish sub. The one I snagged wasn’t the best of quality (lots of camera shake), but I liked the richness of the blue in it. The face also looked really grumpy so… here’s Grumpy Betta.


I really wanted to do a painting over the weekend but I was completely exhausted having worked two 12 hour day shifts doing inventory at work. There’s been no rest really. Today and this week will be full work days and I’m already tapped out of energy. That and my elbow and wrist are in pain from general repetitive stress.

Reddit’s Sketch Daily – Octo People

SketchDaily-035-BettaDrawing a blank on the regular theme for that day, but the alternate was to do Octo People. I had a sketch that was pretty loose that had gone unfinished so I resolved to finish it up that day. The bottom mermaid was cut off by my scanner though. For some reason it doesn’t like to scan the full plate but cuts off at a certain point. Considering how tired I’ve been the last few days, I’m a bit lazy at scanning the rest and stitching it together. So, cut off it is. Wee.

Reddit Sketch Daily – ToW – Snake People

SketchDaily-034-ToW-SnakePeopleMain was noses. Which I could have done some of, but I really wanted to focus on a tighter drawing. Gathered a few references online with snakes, Indian clothing, etc. There was a particular constrictor that was so awesome looking I couldn’t help but use it. It was primarily white, but it had large brown patches all down it’s body.

Reddit’s Sketch Daily – Draw the Mods!

SketchDaily-030-DrawTheModsI’ve neglected uploading these past sketches. Sorry. Between doing some work for clients, a request, and general art apathy I’ve been a little low key. Anyway, when I saw this theme posted I couldn’t help but think it would be entertaining to do but wasn’t sure, initially  what I’d do. Looking through the photos, DocUnissis had this great image of him running a marathon and his photo he looked so confident, controlled, and like this run was something so easy he looked chill. I really have no clue why but my immediate thought was explosions. And puppies and kitties.


The image was rather well received. XD

Reddit’s Sketch Daily – A Ridiculous Deity

SketchDaily-029-ARidiculiousDeityThis also falls under the most annoying deity. Probably the oldest God of them all… The one that has too much time on his hands and so he feels the need to preoccupy everyone else’s time with random meetings. Even Pharaohs of old had to deal with his nonsense when he couldn’t understand why the high architects wanted to hold several meetings a day regarding the construction of the pyramids.