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Reddit’s Sketch Daily – Otters

SketchDaily-017-OttersOtter time! During a conversation with a friend she had regaled these tales of various zoo staffers who had been mauled by the otters (as well as a very testosterone laden otter that was super aggressive towards his female mates). So knowing this tid bit of info, I decided to draw the amazon river warrioress. Beware wildlife, for she is always on the prowl!

Reddit’s Sketch Daily – Ewww! Gross!

SketchDaily-015-EwwGrossSo the topic of that day was to draw something totally vile. As a pet owner, many people become familiar with the all to common vomit pile their beloved animal companion will leave behind on their flooring. That in itself isn’t so bad… although I do tend to get dry heaves when I have to mop that up off my lament flooring. I blame the mucus like texture. Anyway… even worse than just barfing on the carpet is when the second pet wanders by, then leans over and eats the fresh warm pile. Animals can be so gross.

Reddit’s Sketch Daily – Let’s go to the Circus!



Clowns and Balloons, Elephants, Baboons! Acrobats, Contortionists, and Jugglers on Fire! Popcorn and posters, Trapezes and Tumblers! Peanuts, Ice Cream, and Troupes on the Wire!

and don’t you forget the Family of Freaks!

And now, ladies and gents, a high wire act that shall surely take your breath away! Please welcome our lovely and talented Petite Prosie as she balances her assistant Beta Bob high above us!


Reddit’s Sketch Daily – Deadly Fruit


One must take great care when traveling through the tropic jungles of Oopik as the fierce Starfruitisaurus often waits in ambush. It’s stinger contains lethal doses of oxalic acid that cause kidney failure to unfortunate victims.

These creatures are often solitary, however when the yellow moon shows, they gather in groups to lay giant seed eggs resembling watermelons. Oddly they don’t hatch, but rather the egg evolves by growing legs and heads.