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Reddit’s Sketch Daily – Still Life Skulls

SketchDaily-027-StillLifeSkullSo about a week ago I put in an order for and received a skull replica so I could do some more studies. It’s not the most accurate thing I think I’ve ever seen, but it will do good for what I need. Anyway, when I was doing some set up I thought it would be nice to share with the sketchers at Reddit so I took several photos of Morte (yes I named the thing) then tossed them up on my imgur account.

Refs here.

Lake McConaughy

Sketchbook_00037So I spent the weekend lounging at the beach of Lake McConaughy near Ogallala, Nebraska. Three good friends and I left on Friday morning and headed out in order to make it long before the sun would set as we learned our lessons from a few years ago. Unfortunately the main beach was really crowded where we pitched tents on Friday afternoon. Most of us were rather disenchanted with our neighbors so we decided to scope out the area the next day and  Sketchbook_00036 try and find another area. Good fortune allowed us to find this very secluded area of the beach with one other neighbor that was very quiet. So we broke down Saturday afternoon then relocated. It was super nice, with good shade from the hot sun. Saturday was very hot out but Sunday didn’t seem nearly as bad (at least to me). We played around in the water a bit, and I got to draw and paint a little. Here are a few watercolors with pen.

Reddit’s Sketch Daily – Referenced and Unreferenced Anatomical Gestures



Assignment: Realistic Anatomical Study. 1 minute. 10 minutes. 30 minutes. ( I realize 30 minutes is a long time)

3 drawings of the same subject with time restraints.

Very few of us are porn stars or superheroes. Most of us haven’t seen the Gym since our last High School pep rally. Some of us are hunched over a desk all day or slouched watching TV. Many of us never make it out of bed. The rest of us are just trying to make it to work on time. All that is to say that we all have imperfections and that is what we’re trying to capture.

It’s been a while since I’ve done any figure work so this was a nice change of pace. My tea timer helped keep my time in check so I wasn’t spending more time than I should fussing around and just going.  The 30 minute did extend over about 15 minutes only because I was very unsatisfied with her face when the timer went off. Rather than letting it be a massive blob I worked in the details a little better and did some blending.

 Reference found here.

Sketches 41, 42, 43

Sketchbook_00041 Zoo day! 😀 I had quite a lot of fun at the local Cheyenne Mountain Zoo here in Colorado Springs. It was fairly packed considering it was Tuesday, but it didn’t make sitting somewhere and drawing unbearable. I think the worst of it was just how hot it was. Perk: I got a light tan. And came away with some nice sketches.

Probably the most entertaining was sitting in the wallaby enclosure and having an up close and personal encounter with both a peacock and a wallaby. The enclosure that they are kept in happens to have no fences so the animals can roam as close to visitors as they wish. I had chose to sit down on one of the elevated railroad ties that separated the wallaby grassy area from the pathway and had produced a couple gesture drawings. As I did this, I noticed that one of the wallabies near the rear of the fence kept shifting his attention from me to the gate at the other end of the enclosure. Apparently he’s known to be a little of an escape artist so staff have to keep an eye on him.  Sketchbook_00042 Anyway, I could tell he was insanely curious as to what I was doing and as time went on, he started to graze and slowly migrate down the hillside to me. At this point, I had a family wander by and take a peek at the sketch I had been working on and I mentioned that one of the wallabies kept moving closer and closer. As we were talking, this little guy comes boldly up next to me and starts sniffing and poking around my sketchbook for about 20 seconds before hopping off to the other end of the enclosure! It was pretty amazing! :) At that point, one of the staff members comes out and we started talking. Apparently Bentley (that is his name) was a pouch raised wallaby so he was still rather social when it comes to people interaction. The staffer said that occasionally he’d approach people and liked to be touched, but since I didn’t know that, I didn’t want to risk being bitten when he was so close.


Sketchbook_00043 Due to the weather being so hot, most of the animals were kicking back and laying in the shade. I was able to see a few live feedings like with the mountain lions, Amur Leopard, and some toads. Good day all around to get out and stretch both the legs and the drawing muscles.