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Shelephant Song – WIP

Shelephants_Song_Sketch_v12Been fixing this even more and think I’m going to get to a state of color soon. I said that a few weeks ago but I keep becoming dissatisfied with a lot of elements of the image so I continue to work things around. The tree is officially ditched. It was one thing that I hated a lot and it’s only function was to fill in a spot I deemed too empty. Honestly I think it looks fine without it and just some sparce foliage instead.

Mental note to self: Detail birds, fix horns on front shelephant, tweak clouds to push eye flow, foreground foliage detailing.

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Shelephant’s Song – Continued


Shelephants_Song_Sketch_v5 So I worked on this a little bit more today. I decided to back up and strip out all the color after toggling the view with a unsaturated adjustment layer and realizing the value range was horrible. So no more color until I get this corrected. Yay for regressing! But I think in the long run this will be for the best. More details where added and I pumped up the boys garments a little more so he should pop out better than before.

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Shelephant’s Song – WIP


Shelephants_Song_Sketch_WIP01Here is the next illustration I’m working on. Going to try and not use any value darker than 70% and try and keep the palette as light as colorful as possible. There are some things that need to be tweaked though as some of the colors are becoming rather muddy. Funny how that can still happen with digital painting. 😛 This illustration has been sitting in my WIP folder for a little over a year now and I had gone back and adjusted the composition quite a bit in my sketchbook. I still think the boy should be a little larger. Obviously will be tweaking and tweaking. 😮 The left side of the panel will have more shelephant’s in the back ground grazing in the field, while other fauna will be in the foreground (I’m getting ahead of myself with color).

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Man in Black Continuation

MeliHitchcock_Alone_v13Still plugging away at this. Eurgh. I ended up getting about midway through rendering his body before I looked at it and an older sketch. Somehow in all my fussing with anatomy, he became hunched over and so scrunched that it was almost comical looking. So in an effort to save the figure, I went back and clipped out the old body and pasted it into the updated image. I’ll need to re-render the whole figure again. Except his face. I think I nailed the face just fine. Well.. he still needs his stubble but I can’t be too concerned with that yet. Need to get the rest of this tweaked.

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More LOST goodness

MeliHitchcock_Alone_v7Yeap… more LOST. Having more fun painting the Man in Black than the figuring out just what the devil I want to do with the background. 😛 Need to fix the pose a little more though. His knee isn’t in the proper position to prop up his extended arm and I still don’t like that arm either. Maybe I should just dress up and take some photos. Logically that would make this easier.

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WIP – The Mothers


Right, so after not picking up my Wacom pen for a year… *counts the days*… yeah that’s about right… I’m finally picking up some of the WIP’s I’ve had in my folder and working on them. I should probably get the other two line art of Jacob and the Man in Black done first then just color them all at the same time. I’ve got the basics of what I want, just not sure on the final composition. Anyway, here is a splash of color on the two moms. :]

This is sooo oversaturated in my browser it isn’t funny. The photoshop version has is far more muted. Methinks I need to go fuss with the profiles in there. I think.

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