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WIP – UniOctopus

MeliHitchcock_UniOctopus_WIP New little image I’ve got going of… well… I think it speaks for itself. :] Ever since I created the unimoose I feel compelled to start uni-fying (fing? fieing??) every damn critter on the planet. Be warned.

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WIP – LOST Fan Art

MeliHitchcock_MIB&Jacob_WIP Yeap, more LOST fan art with the MIB and his brother. 😀 Obviously still working on this one and hopefully will have it done by the weekend. I keep saying that though and end up getting distracted but I really need to start another piece soon for the portfolio. This is something of a minor deviation from what I was doing only because I was going through a bit of a slump. I’m hoping this will temper out the burn out I was feeling for a few weeks.

I suppose I should add, this image on the screen looks super techno color saturated! Not sure why it’s doing that considering that in Photoshop it looks less pumped. O.o Gotta check out those color profiles AGAIN. Sheesh…

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This is the first in a three-part panel series that I plan on doing for some LOST fan art.  I was always a big fan of the show, and stupidly I never really did any fan art while the series was still up and running. So right now I’m sort of making up for a lot of lost time (eh… no pun intended).  I’ve always been a fan of minor characters only because there’s more of an opportunity for interpret those characters. Main characters are definitely enjoyable and I certainly had my favorites (Yay for Sayid, Claire, Locke). However their personalities and walks in life are pretty much laid before us and don’t allow for a lot of open interpretation. Honestly the minor characters really appeal to me in this series. Most notably the two characters who are the catalysts for this entire story. This particular three-part series is something of a tribute to them, and not just them, but also the entire dysfunctional family unit that they were a part of.

For this particular project I plan on working on all three pieces simultaneously. This is the first of the three line drawings. Obviously this is the center piece depicting the two mothers who were instrumental in the development of the two boys. On the left you have Jacob’s mother and on the right the natural mother, Claudia. For some stupid reason I forgot to flip the drawing so that Claudia was facing left and “Mother” was facing right.  There’s actually a logical reason for me doing this and that’s because I want to keep a somewhat historical context regarding the idea behind right versus left.  The idea is that those on the right stand for justice, authority, and goodness while those on the left represented the opposite.  Due to the character evolution (or de-evolution) between Jacob and MIB, I want to place Jacob on the right while his brother is on the opposite panel. Granted, this art work is actually long before the event that took place at the island source, so I could have a little leeway involved in the actual composition. I’ll just have to see what visually works better as time progresses. After all I haven’t even begun finalizing the other two panels.

So with that said, enclosed below is a really rough thumbnail of some ideas that I have for MIB and Jacobs panel. I’m still attempting to figure out exactly what these characters are doing at this point in their lives since this is early in their history.  I got plenty of ideas for art that actually involves what happened after  Jacob chucked his brother down into the source but they are firmly planted in the sketch-ville arena for now.

Now what would really be cool is once I finished all three of these, if I could get all three panels autographed by all the actors. Might be a little difficult but eh we’ll see what happens.


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Continued Progress


Now onto the color! 😀 I never thought I’d get to this stage to be frank. Honestly, I’m trying to replicate the original colors as much as possible since I really liked what I had going in the initial image. One thing I have noticed as I was painting today, is that the background colors are becoming are becoming less saturated which I’m not sure if I like or not. I was really digging the over-saturation on everything in the original image, however, looking back on it, with the value scheme being as bad as it was,I’m not sure if taking the same approach would either hinder or help the updated version. I suppose time will tell as I continue to make adjustments to the image. The beauty of digital I suppose…

Anyway, I am also requesting some assistance on which direction I should take in terms of the temperature scheme of the image. The image below is divided into two separate pieces: what you see on the left is the original image and it looks cooler in temperature while the one on the right looks warmer. I’m kind of digging the one on the right only because I have more of a vintage illustration feel to it. However I’m not always the best judge when it comes to color schemes so I’m asking the viewers if they could kindly tell me which version they preferred the most. As always thanks for viewing and any help!


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Motivation Ahoy!

MeliHitchcock_Giver_WIPc Having gone through something of a motivational painting slump, I decided to take a few days off of painting and do something else. After a little bit of gaming and Darkspawn killing, I can safely say that the drive to finish up this painting is now slowly returning to me! Plan on doing more work on it tomorrow and Sunday. Wanting to get a second piece started up. I want to keep the momentum going on some back to back pieces. Also, I spent almost a good hour late last night gleaning through some of my old sketchbooks and taking a look at some of the ideas I’ve generated. Some aren’t bad and with some refining they would make decent pieces.

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Continued Progress


Another update.  Been working hard over the weekend to try and push this along. Didn’t get nearly as far as I wanted to for one reason or another.  I spent far too much heckling over minor elements that I SHOULD have done long before I started painting this.  Tonal studies? NAH! Who needs those?! *facepalm* Lesson be learned.  Technically, if I was smart, I’d scrap this and start it all over again and do it properly.  I just hate to think I spent all this time working on something  I believed would be my next portfolio piece, but it ended up getting chucked aside instead. Well… at this point, if I keep forging ahead and keep fussing with the project I might end up making a technically weaker piece than I originally wanted.  I’m just pondering if there’s anything salvageable at this point. :-/

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More WIP for new Project


A little more advancement on this assignment.  Additional 3 hours from where I started over the weekend. Added a little more detailing to the trees and blended things up a bit.  Not too happy with how the foreground is panning out however.  Ah well, will fiddle in the next few days. I do however really love the progress on the background. :>

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